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5G-Broadcast in 3GPP: Where are we?

IRT continues contributing to 3GPP to enhance 5G Broadcast together with the EBU, BBC and a growing number of supporters such as ABS, Bittium, BMWi, British Telecom, Cellnex,  CHTTL, Dish, ESA, Enensys, Fraunhofer, Nomor, Nokia, One2Many, Qualcomm, Rohde & Schwarz, Samsung, SJTU, Telstra, UPV/EHU, among others. After our last report (see: it has rained …

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IRT contributes to the studies in 3GPP to enhance 5G-Broadcast

IRT, in collaboration with the EBU and BBC, is engaged in the study to evaluate and potentially enhance LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcasting. We are evaluating this technology so that it can meet requirement for terrestrial broadcasting in static and high-speed environments. The study item description is contained in document RP-181342. During Rel-14, the use cases …

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5G-Xcast IRT testbed

5G-Xcast is the first 5G PPP project to focus on the holistic implementation of point-to-multipoint communication as a critical technology element in 5G systems in addition and as a complement to unicast. 5G-Xcast will devise, assess and demonstrate a conceptually novel and forward-looking 5G network architecture for large scale immersive media delivery. The project objectives …

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