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Transmitting station in Ismaning ready for operation for Bavarian research project “5G TODAY”

As part of the Bavarian research project 5G TODAY, an LTE/5G test field with the aim to enable the efficient distribution of broadcast signals combined with attractive services in the network of the future is currently being set up in the Bavarian Oberland. Under the lead of IRT, the project partners Kathrein and Rohde & …

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What’s new in FRANSY 3.4, the radio network planning tool of the German public broadcaster, a summary

At the end of January, the FRANSY-Team offered a webinar presenting the full scoop of what’s new in the just released FRANSY Version 3.4. FRANSY is the radio network planning tool of the German public broadcasters. It has been developed by the IRT in collaboration with broadcasters and con terra. The planning system offers lots of …

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Modelling the radio world – it’s all about correlation

The question: Setting up a broadcasting antenna, how far does it reach? That’s the question we answer, without having to leave our cosy office. Even beyond that, we are simulating whole coverage networks: That means in general, we calculate a prediction on how electromagnetic waves spread out. The underlying algorithm is called “the wave propagation …

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