“Inter-Device Synchronization” using HbbTV2

The “inter-device synchronization” feature of the HbbTV2 standard allows the playback of IP AV streams on a mobile device in lip-sync with the broadcast TV image on the TV.
One of the most important use cases for this is the provision of additional audio versions via mobiles and headphones, e.g. for use in a family when only one of the viewers requires audio description or prefers a foreign language version.

Technical showcases with local playout

As a technical showcase based on a local demo playout, the IRT had developed the necessary applications for TV and mobile devices for this scenario and in recent years, has tested them with manufacturers and presented them at trade fairs.

First live demonstration via satellite

In cooperation with the ARD Play Out Center at the rbb in Potsdam, a major step towards practical use of this feature was achieved: a “TEMI” timeline was brought “on air” for the satellite distribution in the autumn of 2018 and it was successfully integrated and synchronized with the broadcast automation at rbb.
After a phase of tests, the result was publicly presented on 10.12.2018 in the context of an IRT Kolloquium – this demo can be seen in the video below.

Learn more about it in the video

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