Microsoft’s Spectator View in Broadcasting Production

Interactive 3D simulations are particularly well suited for explaining abstract concepts and processes in information programmes. However, the interaction with such objects is difficult in a conventional TV production, as the objects usually remain hidden from the presenter, for instance in a virtual studio.

With the help of Microsoft’s HoloLens, an augmented reality glasses, users can interact together and interactively with virtual objects that are added to the real environment.

With Microsoft’s Spectator View, released early in the year 2017, the interaction with holograms can be recorded in high quality. The interaction of the moderators with the holograms is recorded with a 4K camera. With the help of the sensor data from a HoloLens mounted on the camera, the images are combined on the computer with the same holograms that the HoloLens users see.

The aim of the test is to find out whether the process is suitable for producing content of sufficient quality. In addition, it will be evaluated whether the method can offer an alternative to the virtual studio in certain areas or whether it opens up new creative possibilities for editors and programme formats.

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