Object-based audio rendering in browsers

Object-based audio is a revolutionary approach for creating and deploying interactive, personalized and immersive content. This is possible by representing the audio content as a set of individual assets together with metadata describing their relationships and associations. This allows media objects to be assembled in ground-breaking ways to create new user experiences.

Object-based audio principle

Some popular examples for an object-based application are e.g.

  • personalized dialogue/background control
  • 360 videos along with 3D audio
  • seamless adaptation of the content to the end user device and playback format
  • and many more

With the introduction of HTML5 and the Web Audio API, an important prerequisite was made for native rendering of object-based audio in modern browsers. The IRT developed an open-source framework that allows content producers to publish their object-based content via the Internet. This framework is available on github. The entire rendering is done in the browser by using built-in APIs of modern browsers.

We also published a demo page where the framework is used to demonstrate some of the great features and possibilities of object-based audio. Check out the demo!




With a few lines and a little JS knowledge, you can use the framework on your page:

<script src="dist/bogJS-latest.js"></script>

    var om;
    $(document).on('om_ready', function(){
    om = new ObjectManager('path/to/sceneFile.spatdif');


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