Object-based Radio Drama

Quite some time ago, we published our object-based demo page and posted this article on our blog. The development of the used JavaScript framework of course did not stand still, so we managed to release a new version of our object-based browser rendering framework which is capable of advanced interaction / personalization features such as switch-groups and gain adjustment for certain objects. Within the scope of ORPHEUS, a German version of the narrator for the radio drama “The Turning Forest” by the S3A project has been recorded. So we thought this might be a good opportunity to demonstrate the new features of our framework by providing a seamless language selection and a customizable adjustment of the narrator’s level for the radio drama content with a new demo. Moreover, the output mode of the radio drama can be switched between headphone (binaural) and stereo. The screenshot below shows the user controls of the demo:

As it is often the case with new and emerging technologies, the demo will not work in every browser and device perfectly as the implementation of the Web Audio API is not in all browsers on the same level yet. The best experience can be currently achieved with an up-to-date version of Chrome or Firefox (desktop and mobile).

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