Subtitle Conversion Framework (SCF) v1.0 released

IRT recently released version 1.0 of it’s Subtitle Conversion Framework (SCF). The SCF is published under the Apache 2.0 license and is available on github:

The SCF provides a set of modules for converting XML based subtitle formats. The modules include features for

  • Transformation from EBU STL to EBU-TT according to the mapping guideline EBU Tech 3360 v0.9.
  • Transformation between various XML based formats (EBU-TT, EBU-TT-D, EBU-TT-Basic-DE, FlashDFXP).
  • Application of edit lists to subtitle files, e.g. used to extract parts of a program’s subtitle file.

XML based subtitle formats have become more and more relevant for subtitling over the past years, mainly driven by the increasing amount of content, that is distributed on web platforms (like catch-up TV or social media platforms). The previous broadcast standard format for subtitle production “EBU STL” is not the best suitable for web distribution. This was one of the reasons that standardisation activities were initiated to define new ways for producing, carrying and distributing subtitles. The EBU group “Subtitles in XML” has published various specifications (EBU-TT family) to meet the requirements in today’s broadcasting facilities:

The goal of the SCF is to help broadcasters and service providers using the EBU-TT formats specifically to support the implementation of EBU-TT into existing production workflows.

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