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Accessible 360° video – ImAc solutions are ready for public testing

In the Immersive Accessibility (ImAc) project IRT investigates, together with partners from the media industry, how 360° media can be made accessible for all. During the project, a technical platform has been developed to enable accessible 360° media: enrich, distribute and playback 360° video content with fully customisable accessibility services. To this end, the project …

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Brain-Computer-Interfaces for controlling media-content in the web

Subtitles and audio descriptions are used to make the content of audio-visual media accessible to people with visual or hearing impairments. However, for people with severe motor impairment the obstacle usually lies ahead, in the user interfaces that should give access and control over the media content.With this project IRT wants to think outside the …

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“Inter-Device Synchronization” using HbbTV2

The “inter-device synchronization” feature of the HbbTV2 standard allows the playback of IP AV streams on a mobile device in lip-sync with the broadcast TV image on the TV. One of the most important use cases for this is the provision of additional audio versions via mobiles and headphones, e.g. for use in a family …

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