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Testing a VR subtitle production prototype

In our earlier post on accessibility services in 360° environments (here) we have described how these services can enhance user experiences and make 360° videos more accessible. In the EU-funded Immersive Accessibility project ImAc subtitles are extended with guiding cues to support easier speaker identification within the 360° space to enhance the user experience and …

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Subtitles for 360° media – alternative presentation for immersive experiences

Introduction When subtitles are provided in a 360° environment, they are typically fixed at the bottom of the screen and centered horizontally. This is fine for common 2D TV, but maybe is not the best strategy for 360° media. By making use of the additional “dimension”, maybe subtitles can convey more than just textual information. …

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Object-based audio rendering in browsers

Object-based audio is a revolutionary approach for creating and deploying interactive, personalized and immersive content. This is possible by representing the audio content as a set of individual assets together with metadata describing their relationships and associations. This allows media objects to be assembled in ground-breaking ways to create new user experiences. Some popular examples …

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