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HDR-Colour Volume – Colour Space Visualization in 3D

Ultra-High Definition Television (UHDTV) as it is specified in ITU-R BT.2100 consists of four main features compared to the current legacy HDTV format (High Definition Television): High Resolution (e.g. 2160 lines, progressive only) High Frame Rate (HFR) High Dynamic Range (HDR) Wide Colour Gamut (WCG). Investigations and various demonstrations (e.g. at IFA or IBC 2019 …

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Microchip with description: EAR libear v0.9 d8bc6f2

More open-source for open object-based audio workflows

Last year we released two open-source C++ libraries: libbw64 and libadm. Now that the ITU ADM (Audio Definition Model) Renderer (Recommendation ITU-R BS.2127-0) is published, we are adding another library to the list – the libear. The library is developed in cooperation with BBC R&D and published using the permissive Apache 2.0 license under the …

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The EBU ADM Renderer evolved into the ITU ADM Renderer

In previous posts we informed about the progress and achievements related to our Next Generation Audio renderer work, especially about the EBU ADM Renderer or simply the “EAR”. At the last ITU-R WP6C meeting in Geneva, where international standards for production and quality topics in broadcasting are discussed and made, we finally achieved one of …

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5G-Broadcast in 3GPP: Where are we?

IRT continues contributing to 3GPP to enhance 5G Broadcast together with the EBU, BBC and a growing number of supporters such as ABS, Bittium, BMWi, British Telecom, Cellnex,  CHTTL, Dish, ESA, Enensys, Fraunhofer, Nomor, Nokia, One2Many, Qualcomm, Rohde & Schwarz, Samsung, SJTU, Telstra, UPV/EHU, among others. After our last report (see: https://lab.irt.de/irt-contributes-to-the-studies-in-3gpp-to-enhance-5g-broadcast/) it has rained …

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Transmitting station in Ismaning ready for operation for Bavarian research project “5G TODAY”

As part of the Bavarian research project 5G TODAY, an LTE/5G test field with the aim to enable the efficient distribution of broadcast signals combined with attractive services in the network of the future is currently being set up in the Bavarian Oberland. Under the lead of IRT, the project partners Kathrein and Rohde & …

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EBU ADM Renderer Version 1.1 released

If you are a regular visitor of the IRT Lab, you already know the EBU ADM Renderer (EAR) – a renderer for Next Generation Audio content described by ADM metadata. The specification is published as EBU Tech 3388 and it is accompanied by an open source reference implementation written in the programming language Python. Now …

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IRT contributes to the studies in 3GPP to enhance 5G-Broadcast

IRT, in collaboration with the EBU and BBC, is engaged in the study to evaluate and potentially enhance LTE-based 5G Terrestrial Broadcasting. We are evaluating this technology so that it can meet requirement for terrestrial broadcasting in static and high-speed environments. The study item description is contained in document RP-181342. During Rel-14, the use cases …

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EBU Tech Report 3392 Cover

ADM profiles for open object-based audio workflows

Our efforts to establish a Next Generation Audio (NGA) production workflow based on open standards is still ongoing. Next Generation Audio is designed to deliver highly adaptable audio for immersive, more personalized experiences and accessibility services. The Audio Definition Model (ADM) and the EBU ADM Renderer (EAR) are the backbone of the production workflow we …

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